ACMIRS is a management and infrastructure advisory with passion to help improve services provision to Africa public and private sectors. We advise public and private sector enterprises and projects of varying sizes. In the last 10 years we have been involved in advisory of infrastructure, oil and gas, utilities, and network Industries; service and manufacturing sectors; projects and programmes; training the public and private sector on the new development management approaches; and on matters of institutional reviews and reforms.

We provide technical support and advisory on infrastructure projects and enabling environment at various stages of project and business development life cycles and therefore have a deep grasp of key issues at each stage. We have experience with African public institutions and private sector, and have provided advisory services for international development institutions in many parts and countries of Africa.

Enable our clients fulfill their mandates while achieving efficiency and effectiveness with economy.

To be the lead advisory providing effective development and operations management support to infrastructure and utility companies; public institutions & private sector enterprises; and international development agencies providing partnership support to Africa.

The key factors of our Services:

  1. Knowledge and Professionalism
  2. Care of Customer needs and desires
  3. Social Entrepreneurship