Our Approach

ACMIRS proposes a complete range of services. We provide advisory on regulatory and institutional frameworks to support public sector management, private sector development, industries codes of best practice, and improved quality of services by our clients. We advise on sustainable infrastructure development and management, improved terms of trade for the continent, reduction in the cost of doing business, and reduction in poverty with focus on attainment of the millennium development goals (MDGs). We model PPP scenarios to suitservice delivery environments and ultimate benefit of client and service beneficiaries.

We pride ourselves in project preparation and structuring clients’ projects to achieve finance close and funds draw down; expertise in the overall development life cycle of Infrastructure projects; enterprises diagnostic studies analysis; and operations Audit and review, all of which can be deployed whenever need arises. Project management is a core product of our services and we are involved in project feasibility studies and economic analysis; project implementation including tendering and contracting; project administration including accounting, auditing, and taxation advisory; monitoring and evaluation of development projects; and institutional and capacity building.

To guarantee continuous improvement and create suitable governance structures, we subject our clients to performance Audit to establish their Total Factor Productivity (TFP) based on outputs vis-à-vis the inputs. In conducting the TFP analysis we use the malmquist quantity index and the DEA software. The DEA enables us to determine whether the client’s performance levels are arising from technical efficiency (management practices) or from technical progress (innovations & investments). TFP and associated tools have enabled us to complete clients’ enterprise/project descriptive analysis in order to diagnose performance challenges that form the basis for application of the BSC and COBIT models.

Proficiency in the above services and models have distinguished ACMIRS as the advisors of choice on matters of infrastructure and Business development management, public sector reforms, and investing in Africa.